A novel way to produce and deliver therapeutic miRNAs

We use a patented technology to bioengineer edible plants to produce and deliver therapeutic human microRNAs.

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Recent research has shown huge potential for microRNAs (miRNA) in fighting human disease. However, current methods for production and delivery of therapeutic miRNAs are both expensive and invasive.

microRNA Meds uses a patented technology to bioengineer edible plants to produce large quantities of human therapeutic miRNAs. Recent research suggests that these plants can simply be eaten by people to prevent or treat disease. Our process leverages a plant’s natural systems to efficiently and economically produce human miRNAs that can be delivered to patients noninvasively via the diet in amounts large enough to have therapeutic value.

microRNA Meds was founded by Vicki Vance, the Wade T Batson Jr Professor of Botany at the University of South Carolina. Dr Vance is a pioneer in the field of small RNA biology, and her contributions were noted by Dr Andrew Fire in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. Her work has been published in a variety of high-impact journals, including Science, Nature Biotechnology and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. The lab's most recent research describes a novel chemopreventive strategy based on therapeutic miRNAs produced in plants and is published in Cell Research